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Liability Insurance

There are different types of liability insurance that individuals carry to protect themselves in various situations. The main two are auto liability and premises liability. Both of these insurance types are important because they can prevent a property owner or automobile owner from having to pay damages to an accident victim out of pocket. In other words, this is the ideal way to protect bank accounts and assets.

However, there are times when the insurance company may not want to follow through with a claim for one reason or another, and this means a Minnesota liability insurance lawyer is needed to intervene. The insurance company may try to contest the liability of the insured or may even try to state that the injuries did not occur as a result of the accident.

Auto Liability

While Minnesota is a no-fault state, which means that a person involved in an auto accident, even if it is the fault of someone else, will make a claim against their own insurance policy. However, there may be other types of damages that the victim needs that are not paid by their own insurance, so they may turn to the insurance of the person who was at fault. It is also possible for the victim’s insurance company to seek compensation from the insurance of the person who was at fault. This helps them recoup some of the money that they paid out to the accident victim.

Premises Liability

In the case of premises liability, it is insurance that a person can carry to pay for injuries that may occur on their property. Apartment building owners, landlords and commercial establishments may carry this type of insurance. Homeowners typically have some kind of premises liability built into their homeowners’ insurance policy. If a person is injured on the property and the owner’s negligence is the reason behind the injury, there may be a claim for medical bill compensation, pain and suffering, and other forms of damages based upon the injury.

The types of accidents that can happen in premises liability case includes:

  • Elevator and escalator injuries
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Day care injuries
  • Nursing home accidents
  • Dog bite injuries

A person who is injured on someone else’s property can experience broken bones, chronic pain in the back and neck, mental suffering, permanent disability, head trauma and many other injuries. Despite the type of injury, the end result is financial hardship, lost wages when unable to work, and loss of quality of life. If you have suffered any of this, your Minneapolis liability insurance attorney can help ensure that damages are paid by the insurance company.

Contact A Minnesota Liability Insurance Attorney

If you are having difficulty with the insurance company or you are in a situation where you have a claim against someone else’s insurance, you need the help of a qualified attorney. The Meshbesher Law Firm has the know-how and experience to help clients battle the insurance companies and get the compensation that is deserved. To learn more, call us at 612-349-5215 for your free consultation.