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Child Safety

As a parent, you have done everything you can to keep your child safe from harm. You have made sure they are healthy and intelligent and that they are learning responsibility so that they grow to become responsible adults within society. While we take every precaution possible to protect our children, we cannot be with them all of the time. There are situations where we have to entrust them with someone else, such as a babysitter, day care employees, doctors, nurses and even relatives.

As young children cannot yet protect themselves, it is important that the people we entrust our children to protect them. Unfortunately, the very people we trust may end up being the people who hurt our children in some way. Perhaps the child was left unsupervised and sustained an injury or the caretaker hurt them directly in some way. If your child has been injured due to a caretaker’s negligence or that caretaker inflicted harm on your child, call your Minnesota child safety lawyer as soon as possible.

Common Causes Of Child Injury

There are a number of common causes behind child injuries. Some of them include:

  • Playground equipment malfunctions
  • Playground injury
  • School teacher negligence
  • Day care provider negligence
  • School bus accidents
  • Dangerous toys

As evident by these causes, child injury is not always caused by the negligence of another person. Sometimes a defective product can be the culprit. Nonetheless, we trust the manufacturers of toys and products that our children use to make them safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and that means you can exercise your rights by calling a Minneapolis child safety lawyer to find out what kind of action you can take against the person(s) or company responsible for your child’s injuries.

Types Of Accidents

There are a number of accident types that are common. Many of the cases of child injury seen throughout Minnesota involve bodily injury at the hands of a day care provider or babysitter, baby sling suffocation and falls, magnet ingestion, swallowing small balloons or balls, drowning, choking, poisoning, burns and scalds, crib suffocation, product-related suffocation and more. All of these are accidents that are preventable through simply paying attention to the child or manufacturing products that perform the way the manufacturer says they are to perform. Unfortunately, products do not always go through the necessary testing, or a potential issue was overlooked.

Contact A Minnesota Child Safety Attorney

You do everything in your power to take care of your children and ensure that they are safe in all situations. Unfortunately, there are times when it is impossible to be with them, and you have had to trust someone else with their care. When that trust is breached, and your child’s safety is put at risk or your child is injured, you have the right to hold the responsible party accountable for those injuries. To learn more about what your rights and options are, call us at 612-349-5215 for a free consultation.