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Fighting For Personal Injury Compensation

A serious accident is always a stressful, emotional event. It is even worse when someone else is at fault because you are left wondering when you will get the compensation that you deserve to cover your medical bills, ongoing treatment and lost wages while you are out of work.

Insurance companies make it hard to recover this compensation. They make money by collecting premiums and not paying out on claims. At Meshbesher Law Firm of Minneapolis, we are proven personal injury lawyers with more than 50 years of combined experience fighting for and securing this money for injured Minnesotans and their families.

When you are going up against an insurance company and their attorneys, we can level the playing field.

We have experience dealing with a wide variety of personal injury claims, including:

Start Fighting Back Today

Let us take on the complex legal work of building a strong case that will put you in the best position to recover what you deserve. Contact Meshbesher Law Firm by sending us an email or by calling our office in Minneapolis at 612-349-5215 to schedule your free consultation. If we don’t recover compensation, you will owe no fees.