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Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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If you have been injured while an employee on the job in the State of Minnesota, you are likely eligible to bring a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. The workers’ comp lawyers at Meshbesher Law Firm can help.

Why Pursue a Workers’ Comp Claim?

A work injury can be devastating, both to the injured worker and to his or her family. In addition to dealing with the medical reality of an injury, injured workers must also cope with the economic effects of that injury such as medical bills and the loss of family income.

Injured workers often have fear and uncertainty about how bills will be paid, as well as concerns about the loss of future earning capacity. When dealing with all of these issues it is hard to know if you are getting the benefits you deserve or if the insurance company or your employer is trying to take advantage of you.

The Minnesota workers compensation attorneys at the Meshbesher Law Firm understand the issues surrounding on the job injuries and fight for injured workers to make sure they receive the benefits they deserve after an accident in the workplace.

Neck and back injuries are among the most common work injuries. In addition to spinal damage, workers suffer from: fall related injuries, broken bones and fractures, burns, repetitive strain injuries, head injuries, lifting injuries, brain injuries, as well as injuries caused by exposure to environmental toxins or chemicals. Most work injuries take place suddenly; there is an exact date of injury on which the worker was injured. On the other hand, many people are gradually injured over time as a result of their day to day work activities. These cumulative trauma or “Gillette” injuries can also be covered by Minnesota’s workers’ compensation laws.

Most employers in Minnesota are required to have Workers’ Compensation insurance in place to protect their employees. However, even if your employer does not have Workers’ Compensation insurance, benefits may still be available to you through the Minnesota Special Compensation Fund. Make sure you contact an experienced Meshbesher workers’ compensation lawyer to get your questions answered.

Work injuries in Minnesota — ranging from the minor to the catastrophic — are governed by the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Act. A large array of benefits, also known as “workman’s compensation” or just “work comp”, exist to protect Minnesota workers from financial devastation in the event of a work injury. These benefits include wage loss benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, vocational rehabilitation, retraining benefits, and death and dependency benefits. It is vitally important to have an experienced attorney on your side; you need someone who understands how all of these benefits work together—an attorney who will maximize what you get.

Attorneys for Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury

Sometimes a work injury can result in more than a workers’ compensation claim alone. If you have been injured due to the negligence of a third party who is not your employer or co-worker, you may also be able to bring a personal injury claim for your damages. It is very important to have a lawyer who understands all of your claims to make sure that you get the best recovery possible. If you have been injured on the job, having a Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney on your side will ensure you receive the benefits you deserve after an accident.

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It is important to contact an attorney right away. Your Meshbesher workers’ compensation attorney will provide you with the answers and information you need. To contact our attorneys today, call us at (612) 349-5215. The Meshbesher Law Firm works on a statutory contingency fee basis on workers’ compensation claims. If we cannot get you a recovery, you do not owe us for the time we spend working on your case.