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Rehabilitation And Retraining Benefits

There are times when a person suffers an on-the-job injury, yet at some point during or after their recovery, they can return to their position or to another position within the company. Other times, this is not possible. When this happens, it may be necessary for the injured employee to receive vocational rehabilitation and retraining to be able to work in a different field.

This means that the individual may qualify for rehabilitation and retraining benefits. Consulting with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can prove quite valuable when determining benefits eligibility. The attorneys at Meshbesher Law Firm can help you qualify and take the necessary steps to start your benefits.

Benefits Available

To help an injured worker re-enter the workforce, workers’ compensation rehabilitation and retraining benefits cover a number of services. Common services include:

  • Job retraining
  • Job development
  • Coordination of medical treatment with vocational rehab treatment
  • Job-seeking training
  • Job placement
  • Job environment modification

There may be additional services available to you. For instance, the employer might be required to pay for your tuition, travel, books, reasonable travel costs to go to and from interviews, and moving expenses if you find a job in another city.


There are several players involved when determining if a person may be eligible for these benefits. The employee, employer and treating doctor may need to provide information. When a person is eligible to receive rehabilitation services, all involved parties work to draw up, agree to and sign a rehab plan. The services are then provided to successfully complete the plan.

You may be eligible if any of the following apply:

  • You cannot return to your usual occupation or to another job in the company
  • You cannot return to gainful employment within the same industry
  • You cannot obtain gainful employment through rehabilitation and retraining services

Contact Our Attorneys To Learn More

If you were disabled on the job and are unable to perform your old job or there is no work for you with your employer, you may be able to receive rehabilitation and retraining benefits. Let us help you determine if you qualify for these benefits. Send the firm an email or call us for a free consultation at 612-349-5215. We represent injured workers throughout Minnesota.