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Minnesota Office Of Administrative Hearings

The Office of Administrative Hearings conducts workers’ compensation hearings throughout Minnesota. The judges in this division conduct trial- and pretrial-level functions to deal with workers’ compensation claims. The functions are ruling on motions, mediation, trials, pretrial conferences, settlements and final decisions and issuing awards.

Any time you have a hearing with the Office of Administrative Hearings, you should have legal representation present to ensure that you are treated as fairly as possible. You may not receive the outcome you need otherwise. For help with a workers’ compensation claim, turn to the experienced attorneys at Meshbesher Law Firm.

Filing Procedures And Forms

Claims involve substantial paperwork with strict deadlines and requirements. We can help you fill out all of the necessary forms and ensure that the filing procedures are carried out properly. If you receive a notification from the Office of Administrative Hearings, we can interpret the notification for you and let you know what further action you can take, if further action is needed.

In addition, there are a lot of resources available to your attorney through the Office of Administrative Hearings so that the process is carried out in the best way possible. At the same time, your attorney has the various statutes and rules to help them help you through the case. The goal is to do everything necessary to help you have an approved claim in the end.

Understanding The Basic Proceedings

It is up to the court to determine whether or not an injury qualifies for benefits. The court will evaluate the medical statements, how the injury occurred, and much more. Basically, the laws in Minnesota state what the procedures are if a claim qualifies for approval, what the responsibilities of the involved parties are, and what a claimant’s rights are when they are filing for an appeal. These are all areas your attorney can help you with.

Let Your Claim Benefit From Our Experience

You should not have to face any processes carried out with the Office of Administrative Hearings on your own. You want the best outcome possible so that you can go on with your recovery and your life. We have the experience required to help you through all steps of the workers’ compensation claims process.

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