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Eye Damage And Injuries

Eye injuries can severely restrict your opportunities for employment and the extent to which you can live independently. Even if the compensation potentially provided by your employer or an insurance company is substantial, medical bills, therapy and lifelong expenses as a result of your ordeal can quickly drain savings. Financial challenges are especially worrying, given the decrease in job prospects.

If you suffered an injury while at work or as the result of an accident caused by another, you need legal help. Based in Minneapolis, Meshbesher Law Firm helps injury victims pursue fair compensation after an injury.

Causes Of Eye Injuries

Most eye injuries occur at home while doing maintenance work without proper protection. Car collisions and attacks by aggressive dogs are less common, but still significant, causes. However, even with long-standing workplace safety regulations in place, eye injuries still frequently occur at work. Manufacturing, construction, and chemical management and treatment jobs are especially hazardous.

The CDC reports that about 2,000 American workers incur eye injuries that require treatment every day, with 5 percent of these injuries requiring time off of work. Dangerous work sites are required to provide protective equipment to workers and enforce safe habits. When employers do not take the steps to ensure adequate eye protection, workers suffer.

Common eye injuries include:

  • Hyphema – Blood accumulates between the iris and the cornea.
  • Anisocoria – The pupil is permanently dilated due to a pupil sphincter tear.
  • Retinal detachment – The retina detaches from the blood vessels.
  • Bell’s palsy – Facial nerves become paralyzed, making it difficult to close the eye.
  • Horner’s syndrome – This causes a drooping eyelid, elevation of the lower lid or a sinking eyeball.
  • Blocked tear duct – The tear duct is obstructed by scar tissue or another obstruction.

Take Back Control After An Eye Injury

You need your sight to function each day. When that is abruptly taken away from you, your life changes forever. While you may not lose your sight completely, any decline in your sight can be devastating because it can affect your ability to hold a higher paying job, your ability to drive and so much more.

If you have experienced eye injuries due to dangerous working conditions or other type of accident, our attorneys can help. We have decades of legal experience and will fight aggressively to give you the best chance at receiving compensation for the injustice done to you or a loved one.

To schedule a free consultation, email us or call us at 612-349-5215. From our office in Minneapolis, we serve clients statewide.