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Anterior Cord Syndrome Spinal Injuries

For those suffering from anterior cord syndrome (ACS), also known as Beck’s syndrome, lost blood flow to the spinal cord severely compromises their ability to live independently, find meaningful employment and enjoy a high quality of life. Based in Minneapolis, Meshbesher Law Firm helps injury victims who develop ACS after bodily trauma seek financial compensation.

Causes, Prognosis And Symptoms

ACS occurs when blood flow is cut off from the front of the spinal cord. While ACS can occur without injuries as a result of atherosclerosis, genetic disorders, cancers and degenerative diseases, trauma is the most easily diagnosed and common cause. Workplace and motor vehicle accidents, bad falls, herniated discs and vertebrae damage that cuts off blood flow to the spinal cord can cause this debilitating condition.

While surgeries can repair vertebral column, tissue or ligament damage, and though drug therapies can be used to reduce pain, most people never entirely recover. Symptoms can include:

  • Inability to sense pain or temperature
  • A decrease in bowel and urinary tract control
  • Partial or complete paralysis under the injury site
  • Loss of fine touch
  • Loss of sexual function
  • A decrease in blood pressure (hypotension)

Prevent Financial Hardship By Contacting Us

ACS and related spine injuries can result in crippling expenses which could continue for the rest of your life. The total cost of hospital bills, prescription drugs, physical therapy and in-home care can easily run hundreds of thousands of dollars, much of which may not be covered by your insurance. This presents a significant financial and emotional burden not only to yourself but to your loved ones.

Injury costs are made even more challenging by lost wages, as your ability to work is severely diminished. If your ACS was caused by an accident, negligence, conditions at work, or any range of incidents with liable parties, you may be entitled to damages.

The Meshbesher Law Firm will fight aggressively to make sure you receive all the compensation you deserve for such a debilitating injury. Email the firm or call us at 612-349-5215 for a free consultation. From our Minneapolis office, we represent injury victims statewide.