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Severe Burn Injuries

There are many elements to a burn injury. There is the actual physical injury, and then there is the emotional and psychological trauma that exists due to physical pain, scarring and disfigurement. When litigating a burn injury claim, your case benefits from attorneys who know what you are going through and what you have lost. At Meshbesher Law Firm, our lawyers will be your emotional and legal allies throughout the claim process, giving you support and guidance when you need it most.

Skin Damage And Burn Degrees

Skin has three layers, and burn injuries damage each in different ways. The outer layer is the epidermis, the second layer is the dermis and the third layer is the fatty tissue, which contains hair follicles, fat cells and sweat glands. When a person suffers a burn injury, medical professionals classify the burn into one of three categories to define the affected layer.

The different burn classifications are:

  • Third-degree burns – This is the most severe type of burn because it destroys all of the skin layers, affecting everything from muscle and nerves to bone and fat. The scarring is permanent and disfigurement tends to be the end result. Other complications, such as infection or loss of limb, can arise from the tissue destruction.
  • Second-degree burns – Not as severe as third-degree burns, but several skin layers are still affected, resulting in blisters and potential scarring. Medical treatment is a must, and the affected area may require surgery.
  • First-degree burns – These burns are superficial, only affecting the skin’s top layer. In most cases, first-degree burns can heal by themselves. In other cases, there may be some scarring.

Burn Injury Causes

As it stands, there are nearly 500,000 burns every year in the U.S. that require some kind of medical treatment. The causes of burns are numerous and can stem from electrical shock, gas explosions, chemical exposure or fire or when a product has not been manufactured properly.

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If you suffered a burn injury, you have gone through a lot of pain, and you most likely want some kind of restitution for that pain. The good news is that when someone else’s actions caused your burn and there is proof of that negligence, you can seek a financial recovery through a settlement or a trial. Most of the time, our attorneys can help reach a settlement so that clients can go on with their lives much sooner.

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