What medical benefits can injured employees claim in Minnesota?

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Suffering an injury from a work accident is ill-fated and damaging. As you deal with your suffering, you might also worry about your costly medical bills.

In Minnesota, the workers’ compensation law requires employers to pay for the medical supplies and treatments of injured employees. The costs should be “reasonable and necessary” to relieve or heal the effects of work injuries.

Various medical benefits

An employee should let their employer know about the injury right away. This will enable the employer to submit the first report of injury form.

Then, the employer or their insurer may request an independent medical examination. The employee needs to attend this, or else they might not receive benefits to pay for the following:

  • Hospital treatments for emergency care or confinement
  • Surgeries to treat injuries and complications
  • Chiropractic sessions for the spine and related disorders
  • Podiatric therapies for the feet, ankles or lower legs
  • Consultations to address depression, anxiety or trauma
  • Expenses for medical reports and travel for tests and treatments

In addition, the employer must pay for services and supplies such as nursing, medicines, crutches and artificial members. Moreover, they have another expense if the injury causes permanent total disability. In this case, the employer may pay for the nursing services of the employee’s family member.

Other benefits

Aside from medical benefits, employees may pursue compensation if there is permanent damage to their body function. They can also claim monetary benefits for lost wages.

Additionally, they may receive vocational rehabilitation benefits if they qualify. Meanwhile, if the work injury leads to an employee’s death, their dependents may claim benefits.

Seeking recovery

Suffering from physical, emotional and mental pains due to a work accident is a tough ordeal. With legal support, you could fight for various benefits to help you heal and bounce back in life.

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