What are common electrical injuries in construction sites?

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Construction sites are inherently dangerous for workers and anyone nearby. People often think only about risks like heavy machines or falling objects. But electrical accidents are also a big risk. For example, a worker could get a shock if their ladder touches power lines. Electrical accidents like this can lead to serious injuries and long-term health complications.

Threatening injuries to construction workers

When it comes to electrical injuries, the risks are high. Here are some of the typical injuries resulting from electrical accidents:

  • Burns: These are common and can occur when electricity enters or exits the body. They can be surface burns or more severe injuries damaging tissues and organs.
  • Fall injuries: These are often secondary injuries. This injury can happen due to a worker falling from a ladder or scaffolding due to the shock or involuntary muscle reactions caused by an electrical accident.
  • Neurological effects: An electric shock can cause problems with the nervous system. These disturbances can lead to memory loss, problems with sleep, seizures and changes in personality.
  • Cardiac arrhythmias: Electrocution can cause the heart to beat irregularly, which can be life-threatening.

Workers with such injuries may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Seeking workers’ compensation benefits

Specifically in Minnesota, workers’ compensation benefits can cover medical expenses, lost earnings and disability benefits for both temporary and permanent disabilities. It’s crucial for injured workers to report their injuries promptly and file a claim to ensure they receive the benefits necessary for recovery.

These benefits can help cover the cost of treatment for burns and rehabilitation for fall injuries. At times, it can even cover the cost of therapy for neurological problems.

Dealing with the dangers at construction sites

Construction sites are hotbeds of injuries. Many workers try to stay safe. But, they can’t always avoid accidents due to the nature of their work. The risk extends to electrical accidents. When these unfortunate incidents happen, workers must recognize the gravity of the situation and act accordingly.

Seeking an attorney can be beneficial in this situation. An attorney can help injured workers work through the complex compensation claims process. With the proper guidance, workers can ensure they are taking the right steps towards recovery.

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