What are my benefits after an amputation?

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Workplace accidents can cause injuries that have permanent effects on the body. In specific jobs, one mistake could lead to an amputation.

Fortunately, workers’ compensation has benefits for this type of incident called permanent partial disability. You are eligible for this benefit if you permanently lose a body function due to disability, making it relevant to most amputation cases.

Still, eligibility and the payable amount could significantly depend on a doctor or physician’s assessment. After receiving medical care, the doctor will assign a partial disability rating. The insurer will use it as the basis of the appropriate benefit amount.

Additionally, an individual can only get this type of disability benefit if they stop receiving compensation from temporary total disability benefits.

An employee could also receive payment as a lump sum or installments received in intervals, whichever is most beneficial based on the circumstances.

What other benefits can I use?

Sometimes, an amputation might hinder a worker from returning to work. The disability might limit their ability to perform tasks.

They may need to seek other career opportunities if the employer has no positions that fit their qualifications. Workers’ compensation can pay for any vocational training required in these situations.

Additionally, an amputation might be too minor to qualify for permanent partial disability benefits. In this case, the employee could seek other benefits to help pay for their medical expenses.

Regardless, the doctor’s assessment could help workers determine their eligibility for certain benefits. Medical records could also guide them regarding the next steps they should take to support their workers’ compensation claim.

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