3 protection systems used to keep workers safe 

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Employers use a multitude of different protection systems to try to keep workers safe – or, at least, they are supposed to. The exact types of systems that are necessary depend on the industry itself and the needs of the job.

As an employee, it’s important to be familiar with some of these systems and how they can help you. Not only can this keep you safe, but it can also help to show you how you may be injured so that you know how to respond properly if that does happen.

1. Two-button machine controls

For those who work in industries with heavy machines, especially those with moving parts like conveyor belts or hydraulic presses, two-button controls are common. These are intended to ensure that the workers’ hands are both out of the way when the machine starts.

2. Fall protection systems

There are different types of fall protection systems, such as fall prevention or fall arrest systems. Either way, the idea is just to address the inherent danger of working at heights. Even when the job itself is technically easy, workers could be injured in an accidental fall and these systems keep that from happening.

3. Personal protection equipment

A lot of workers just need PPE to keep them safe from a variety of hazards. Those who work in a machine shop may need to wear eyeglasses, for example, and welders have special masks to wear to protect their vision. Road construction workers will wear high visibility vests so that drivers can see them, as car accidents are one of the main ways that they get hurt. There are many other examples besides.

If you get injured on the job, especially if you were never given the right PPE, be sure you know what legal steps you can take to seek workers’ compensation.

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