There are steps employers can take to minimize worker injuries

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Recently published Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) data highlights how predictable and preventable workplace injuries actually are.

One of the main takeaways from that report is that employers can do more to minimize workers’ injury risks. One of the first steps that employers can take to do this is apprising themselves of why injury incidents have occurred in the past. 

Where should employers look to understand injury risks?

All employers (and employees) can benefit from regularly reviewing OSHA’s “300 log”. This listing includes different professions and the most common injury risks that workers face in each of those professions. 

Which employers must track workplace injuries, and with what specificity?

OSHA requires any employer who has 10 or more employees to track their injury incidents. They must document specifics regarding each individual incident, including whether certain work-related tasks or equipment resulted in it and how much time they missed from work following it. OSHA also requires employers to keep statistics on the frequency with which similar situations occur. 

How does injury data prove valuable to employers and employees?

There’s value in both employers and employees reviewing OSHA injury data. 

Employees who review this data may learn of unexpected dangers this profession poses so that they can potentially take additional measures to keep themselves safe. Employers may be able to undercover some new training opportunities or safety protocols to implement that can improve worker safety numbers. 

What you should do if you suffered injuries on the job

Your employer is responsible for making choices that will minimize your chances of getting hurt on the job. There are statistics, like the 300 list mentioned above that they can access to aid them in doing that. You may be able to hold an employer liable for any injuries you suffer on the job. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you overcome any obstacles to your claim. 

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