Workplace injuries can affect you in more ways than you think

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Most people do not realize the full consequences of a severe workplace accident. In many cases, it is not just your body that is injured.

While the physical damage and pain of your injury is often immediately clear, the true effects of a severe workplace injury may be far more wide-reaching than you could have imagined.

A workplace accident can do more than physical harm

Here are some of the other aspects of life that a workplace injury could harm:

  • Your pride: It can feel humiliating when you cannot provide for your family because an injury leaves you unable to work.
  • Your sense of worth: You might feel that your job defines you, especially if it took years of experience and training to reach the level you were at. Without being able to fulfill that role, you may feel a loss of status both professionally and personally.
  • Your physical health: Aside from the injury’s immediate health effects, you may be unable to exercise as much as before. You could find your weight going up and your health going down without your daily routine.
  • Your social life: Many of your friends may be linked to pastimes you enjoy. You might drift apart if you can no longer take part in activities together.
  • Your family relationships: If you cannot work or get around as easily as before, it will place extra pressure on your partner. They will have to make up for lost income and cover extra duties related to any children you have.
  • Your mental health: All of the aspects above can have a significant detrimental effect on your mental health.

If you suffer a workplace accident, you need to receive the full amount of workers’ compensation benefits you are due. It cannot make up for everything, but it can at least ease the financial strain. It may also help you retrain if you are unable to return to the same line of work.

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