What are the ‘fatal four’ injuries that construction workers face?

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A report published by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 2014 described the “fatal four” injuries construction workers most commonly face on the job. The regulatory agency then noted that those factors result in at least 58% of construction worker fatalities.

Can you guess what the most significant dangers construction workers face are? They are falls, electrocutions, caught-between accidents and struck-by injuries. 

How common are falls?

OSHA’s data shows that falls result in an average of 100,000 construction worker injuries or deaths each year in this country. 

Most of these incidents occur because employers don’t provide their employees with the necessary training and safety equipment to reduce their injury risk. Employers may also not enforce worksite rules requiring their workers to wear it or fail to maintain their equipment adequately, resulting in its malfunctioning. 

How often do electrocutions occur?

OSHA data shows that electrocutions kill at least 300 and injure 4,000 construction workers annually. The regulatory agency’s data shows that most of these cases are preventable if employers give their workers adequate training and personal protective equipment (PPE) to wear. 

How common are caught-between injuries?

Construction bosses often push workers to use heavy equipment before they receive adequate training. Others fail to enforce rules requiring their workers to tie up long hair or not wear jewelry or remind them to keep their bodies free of moving machinery. Construction workers may end up crushed by heavy equipment or catching a body part in a machine as a result. 

How frequent are struck-by injuries?

Instances in which improperly secured tools or loads come loose and fall atop of a construction worker down below are quite common. Employers can minimize the damage workers’ injury risks by requiring them to wear hard hats and installing safety nets to catch falling tools. Employers can also do a better job of encouraging their workers to observe their surroundings before dropping their loads.

Options available to injured construction workers

Construction involves a lot of heavy lifting, materials and equipment, the potential for falls and repetitive tasks, all of which can leave you with potential injuries. If you get injured, it’s important to exercise your right to workers’ compensation. An attorney can protect your interests and help make sure you get the workers’ compensation benefits you are due. 

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