The top causes of workplace injury

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Minnesota workers face injury daily on the job, and many of these injuries can be prevented. Simply being situationally aware, using proper body mechanics and the proper operation of heavy equipment can greatly minimize the potential for injury.

The top causes of workplace injury

According to Liberty Mutual’s Workplace Safety Index, the following list are the main causes for workplace injuries:

  • Handling or mishandling of objects including overexertion
  • Same-level falls
  • Being hit by objects
  • Lower-level falls
  • Awkward bending, reaching, pulling or lifting
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Tripping and slipping without falling
  • Micro-tasks and repetitive motion
  • Colliding with objects
  • Running heavy equipment and machinery

How to avoid injury at the workplace

You cannot expect to avoid all injury-causing accidents, but simply remaining aware of the environment around you is a start. Overexertion injuries can be prevented by taking frequent breaks and not lifting more than you are physically able to without assistance.

For slips, falls and trips, handrails and guardrails can be installed at the workplace. Slip-resistant shoes can also minimize slipping. High-visibility clothing may need to be worn in areas where collisions tend to happen. Training employees to recognize and remove tripping or falling hazards is another key method of preventing workplace injuries.

Additionally, companies can hold ongoing training seminars focusing on safety and avoiding workplace injury. Personal protection devices should be worn in all areas that are potentially dangerous to employees. Ongoing safety assessments should be completed regularly to ensure proper use of machinery and safety training methods.

If you are injured in your workplace

If you have been involved in an injury at your workplace, it is imperative to seek medical attention immediately. You may require time off from your job to recover from your injuries. It may also be a good idea to contact an injury attorney.

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