Does workers’ comp cover your occupational disease?

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Some jobs in Minnesota come with more hazards than others, such as working as an electrician. Say that you contract a disease during your time as an employee. Is it linked to your occupation?

PMC Insurance Group reported on linking job-related illnesses to workers’ compensation coverage. Know when and how your employer is legally responsible for taking care of your after you contract specific illnesses linked to your occupation.

Understanding occupational diseases

Depending on your industry, your workplace may have duties or circumstances that could lead to you contracting a disease or an illness. For instance, working for several hours at a keyboard or carrying heavy trays could, over time, cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Remodeling or constructing a building may trigger asthma, bronchitis or hearing loss due to using power tools.

Common risk industries

Nearly any job comes with a degree of risk regarding occupational disease. That said, some work environments are more hazardous than others, including manufacturing buildings, medical care facilities, auto shops and factories.

Proving your work environment caused your illness or disease

If you suffer a physical injury on the clock, it is usually not terribly difficult to prove you sustained your injury by slipping and falling, during a car accident while making a company delivery or lifting a heavy box. The same is not always true when it comes to proving you became ill during the course of your workday.

It helps to nail down the existing hazard(s) in your work environment and provide undeniable evidence connecting the hazard to your symptoms. There could be past official studies that back your claim. If successful in your pursuit, your employer becomes responsible for your treatment, lost wages and general recovery.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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