How can you use motivation to encourage worker safety?

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When you leave for work each day, you are accepting the risks that come as part of maintaining the responsibilities you have agreed to participate in. Protecting yourself is a dual task between you and your employer in Minnesota. Your goals are to participate in company-wide training and to adhere to the safety protocols outlined by your employer. Their responsibility is to provide adequate training and to regularly assess how effective their practices are for mitigating the risks of the workplace.

One valuable method for reducing workplace injuries is for your employer to effectively motivate you and your coworkers to undertake your job-related tasks each day with responsibility and vigilance. According to Arbill, there are several ways that your employer can accomplish this objective including the following:

  • Providing opportunities for you to develop skills that will keep you safe and learn efficient and effective ways for completing workplace duties.
  • Being responsive and inquisitive in hearing feedback from you about your concerns as an employee and what you think could be done to optimize safety procedures.
  • Giving you some kind of reward or incentive for observing protocols and accomplishing so many hours of accident-free work.
  • Articulating company-wide initiatives for safety, in a way that is clear, concise and that supports the company mission and enables you to be motivated to do your best.

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