What are common occupational injuries among health workers?

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Caring for others should not mean risking your own health. Yet, dedicated health workers face numerous hazards daily, putting their bodies on the line to help others.

Unfortunately, workplace injuries in healthcare settings are all too common. If you are a health care worker who has been injured on the job, you can seek fair compensation for your injury. This blog may give you more information if you decide to take legal action.

Common workplace injuries in the health care sector

Slip-and-fall accidents are common in health care facilities. Wet floors, spills and clutter on busy corridors may cause nurses, aides and doctors to slip-and-trip, leading to severe injuries. They may sustain bone fractures, head injuries, sprains and lacerations due to the fall.

They are also at risk of getting injured because of unsafe electric work practices. The improper use of electric medical equipment may cause electric shock, explosions, electrocutions and even fires.

Health emergency responders are also at risk when on their way to help those in need of urgent medical support. Ambulance crashes can have fatal consequences, not only for responders but also for patients who are already in bad condition.

Several factors may increase the risk of ambulance crashes. Inadequate operator training, poor maintenance and a lack of safety restraints are only some of these elements.

Know your legal options

As a health worker, you play a crucial role in our communities, but your service should not come at the cost of their own health and safety. If you have suffered an injury at work, remember that you have the right to consult a lawyer and file a compensation claim.

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