Machinists face serious hazards at work

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Machinists help to produce items that are critical for a variety of industries. Unfortunately, whether these professionals are producing parts for airplanes or moldings to cut straw holes in cup lids, they face a variety of hazards.

The very nature of this job is dangerous because these hard workers have to do a lot of heavy lifting and they work with moving machines. Most machinists place a great emphasis on safety, but the following hazards can lead to injuries regardless.

Loud noises

Machine shops are often very noisy, so all machinists should have adequate hearing protection. Hearing loss is something that can happen gradually, so the worker may not notice it until a loved one or friend starts to say something about how they’re having to speak louder to the machinist or that the television volume is up higher than normal. Unfortunately, hearing loss is usually permanent.

Moving machinery

Moving machinery can lead to many different injuries, including lacerations, amputations and crushing injuries. All equipment should have the required guards to help keep the workers safe, and it must all be kept in good working order. Any machine that’s not working properly or that has worn parts should be placed out of service until it can be repaired or replaced.

Obstacles on the floor

Obstacles on the floor can lead to the machinist tripping or slipping. While non-slip shoes can help to prevent this from occurring, they aren’t a failsafe. Instead, proper housekeeping, including cleaning spills and sweeping the floor, are critical.

Heavy lifting

Moving heavy objects is commonplace for machinists. Lift assisting devices, such as hoists, or team lift requirements should be in place for all heavy lifting. When a machinist has to lift something heavy, they should use ergonomic body mechanics to minimize the risk of injury.

Machinists who suffer any injury, including coolant or chemical burns, should get immediate medical care. Workers’ compensation coverage should take care of the medical care expenses for these work-related injuries, regardless of how minor or serious they are. Yet, it may be necessary to seek legal assistance for an injured worker to get the benefits they’re due, as the process of securing this compensation can be complex.

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