Defective safety glasses can result in eye injuries

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Personal protective equipment (PPE) is pivotal in any workplace. One of the most important types of PPE is safety glasses. This equipment can serve numerous purposes, with the ultimate aim being to protect your eyes from harm.

While safety glasses are useful, if they are poor in quality or defective, they do not serve their intended purpose. Outlined below are two of the more common defects in safety glasses.

Improper fit

It’s highly unlikely that everyone in the workplace is the same size and shape, and this includes their facial structure. A standard size pair of glasses may fit one person, only to be completely useless for the next. Employers need to make sure that their safety equipment is the right fit for their workers. Ideally, safety items should be custom made or fitted. An ill-fitting pair of glasses can fall off or allow debris to pass through any gaps.

Poor quality

Of course, businesses need to be financially savvy. After all, the ultimate aim is to turn a profit. Nonetheless, there are areas where cutbacks cannot be made, and one of these areas is safety. A pair of safety glasses may be much cheaper than anything else on the market, but what is the reason for this? Are they made from less durable material? Are they really going to serve the purpose that they describe? Cheap safety products usually mean poor quality safety products. This is certainly worth keeping in mind.

If you have suffered an eye injury at work, then you have the right to get workers’ compensation benefits for your medical care and to cover a portion of your lost wages. Be sure to seek legal guidance to find out more about the workers’ comp process.

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