Am I eligible for workers’ compensation after a car accident?

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Many people spend a lot of time driving to and from their workplace. In fact, some workers have jobs that require them to stay behind the wheel more than a regular person, such as public transportation drivers and delivery personnel. After a motor vehicle accident, it is not uncommon for individuals to seek monetary recovery for injuries through the workers’ compensation system.

Going and coming rule

Minnesota follows the general rule called “Going and Coming” which holds that the employer is not responsible for the employee’s injuries incurred during a regular trip to or from work. The rule is based on the premise that employers do not benefit from their employees’ regular commute. Moreover, any injury within that time did not occur in the course of employment.

Special errands

The general rule, however, is not absolute. There are circumstances surrounding the accident that may pass as exceptions and they must be based on facts and evidence. These are “special errand” exceptions. Some situations that may allow you to seek compensation are as follows:

  • The employee was driving a company car.
  • The employer requires the employee to use their own car as a condition of employment.
  • The employee’s work requires them to drive to multiple locations daily.
  • The employee was performing work-related tasks.
  • The employee was driving to a conference, meeting or any trip related to the employer’s business.

Workers’ compensation benefits can provide an injured employee sufficient support to fully recover, especially since medical bills and other related expenses can be expensive. It is beneficial for an employee to know whether the circumstances of their car accident allow them to hold their employer responsible for compensation.

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