Myths about workers’ compensation and construction accidents

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Did you know that you can probably seek workers’ compensation benefits if a construction accident leaves you injured? Many in this industry miss out on deserved benefits because they have a poor understanding of their injury compensation rights.

With few exceptions, employers must purchase a workers’ comp insurance plan to cover employee injuries. The right to file a claim and receive injury benefits extends to construction workers and those in other industries.

You may get fired for filing a claim

Employers may not terminate those who exercise their right to file a workplace injury claim. Laws that prohibit employers from retaliating against workers also prevent them from firing someone solely because of a claim.

You do not need to see a doctor

You must see a doctor after a construction accident or injury. Doing so ensures you understand the full extent of your injuries and receive appropriate treatment. It also establishes the medical evidence necessary for a successful claim.

You get nothing if you caused the injury

In Minnesota, worker injuries are compensable regardless of any role you may have played in causing your accident. Employers that say otherwise may be trying to change your mind about the claim to avoid a rise in their insurance premiums.

All claims are automatically approved

Although many claims find approval on the first try, others may result in denial. Sometimes, this can happen if you fail to include critical evidence or information when submitting your documents. Other times, claims do not succeed the first time due to doubt about the injury.

Fortunately, you may appeal a denied workers’ compensation claim, preferably under legal guidance. Assistance when filing your claim can minimize the risk of ever receiving a denial.

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