5 common injuries for factory workers

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Factory workers should be able to count on their employers to provide them with a safe work environment. When this doesn’t happen, employees can suffer from serious injuries that require considerable medical care.

There are some injuries that factory workers are more prone to than others. Knowing these may help workers avoid suffering an injury while they’re at work.

#1: Injuries from moving machinery

Moving machinery can lead to a variety of injuries. Some of these include cuts, traumatic amputations, and crushing injuries. Ensuring that all employees understand the equipment can help them to remain safe. Moving equipment should also have an established and clearly marked safety zone to alert employees to potential dangers.

#2: Slips or trips

Floors must be kept clean and free of debris. Slipping or tripping can lead to falls that result in broken bones. Having workers wear non-slip shoes can help to minimize the risk. It may be a good idea to have steel-toe shoes to prevent foot injuries.

#3: Cumulative trauma injuries

Repetitive motions while working can lead to cumulative trauma injuries. Paying attention to body mechanics and varying up the motions you use to do job duties may help to reduce the damage. If you notice any persistent pain in an area that’s used consistently, you should seek medical care before the damage gets too great.

#4: Heavy lifting injuries

Heavy lifting is a part of many factory tasks. Ideally, workers will be able to use mechanical lift devices or team lifts for those heavy items. Wearing back braces and using optimal lift techniques can also help to reduce the risk of back injuries from lifting.

#5: Chemical burns

Any factory that deals with chemicals of any sort should have proper safety gear for the workers. This can include goggles or shields to protect the eyes, gloves for the hands and aprons or other protective clothing for the body.

Any factory worker who suffers an injury should ensure they get medical care. They’re also due workers’ compensation benefits. It’s sometimes necessary to fight for the benefits you should receive. Having someone on your side who can help you to get the benefits you deserve is important.

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