3 common workplace injuries

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All workers have certain risks that they face while they’re on the job. Regardless of the industry a person is in, there are some injuries that are fairly common.

It’s up to the employers to ensure employees have the safety tools and procedures that can keep them safe. Understanding some of these common injuries may make it easier to avoid them.

Back injuries

Most workers are at risk of back injuries because of lifting, twisting and normal movements. Even office workers may suffer these because of having to reach for files or carrying boxes of files around. Stretching, using team lift methods and proper body mechanics can help prevent back injuries.

Wrist injuries

Cumulative trauma injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, can occur in all professions but are common for warehouse and factory workers and cashiers. Varying the motions you use for common tasks may reduce the risk of these occurring.

Knee injuries

Knee injuries are common in many industries. It’s particularly problematic for individuals, such as landscape technicians and flooring installers, who kneel while they work. To combat the risk of knee injuries, these workers should get up to bend and flex their knees periodically so the synovial fluid can move around the knee for lubrication.

Employees who suffer workplace injuries should ensure they have proper medical care. Workers’ compensation provides benefits to workers who have an on-the-job injury. Medical care and partial wage replacement are two examples of the benefits that are possible. It’s sometimes necessary to fight for these benefits, so work with someone familiar with these matters.

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