Why hardhats are so important

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Thousands of people in Minnesota make their living from working in the construction industry. Construction jobs provide a steady stream of employment and decent pay. Nonetheless, this type of job is widely considered to be one of the most dangerous.

Thus, safety protocols are pivotal on construction sites. One of the most fundamental aspects of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the hardhat. Why is this piece of equipment so important?

Protection from head injuries

The most obvious benefit of wearing a hardhat is that it protects your head. Studies indicate that hardhats play a vital role in preventing head injuries from becoming fatal. If you’re wearing this item then it’s going to protect you from falling objects, vehicular collisions, falls and much more.

Construction work may also involve working with hazardous materials that can cause burns. If you’re wearing a hardhat and such materials are spilled, then you have a protective layer for your skin.

Increased visibility

Protection from head injuries is only the most obvious benefit of wearing a hardhat- there are several others. A hardhat means that you are visible as a worker. This will reduce the risk of moving vehicles running into you and causing injuries. Generally, the color of hardhats is matched to job roles as well. For instance, supervisors will typically wear a different color of protective equipment. This means that they can be easily identified in an emergency situation.

Hardhats are very useful but they cannot protect you from everything. If you have been injured on the job, make sure you look into your legal options in terms of pursuing compensation.


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