What injuries could hospitality workers face?

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You can find hospitality work wherever you are, regardless of qualifications. While getting a job is relatively easy, the work itself can be hard. If you are not careful, the money you earn could soon be outweighed by medical bills for injuries you pick up on the job.

Here are some typical injuries hospitality workers face:

Back problems

If you clean rooms and make beds in a hotel, you will spend a lot of time doubled over. As that is not your spine’s natural position, it can soon lead to back pain that lasts long after you leave the job.

Other hospitality jobs, such as kitchen work or setting out conference rooms, involve lifting heavy items that could put your back out in a one-off incident.

Chemical burns

Cleaning requires some nasty chemicals, and you may need medical care if they get on your skin or into your eyes.

Burns or scalding

If you work in a restaurant, you likely spend time preparing or serving hot food and drinks. The busy environment makes it easy for people to bump into each other, drop things or slip over and spill food or drink. While you can run your hand under the tap for minor incidents, you would require hospital treatment if something such as a pan of hot oil lands on you.

Cuts or bruises

Kitchen or bar work also puts you in contact with sharp things such as knives, meat slicers, or broken glass, and it is easy to slice a finger when tired after a long shift.

Fortunately, if you do get injured at work, you should be able to claim against your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Consider legal help to ensure you get the amount you need.

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