Knee injuries at work can be devastating

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Your knees are an important part of the body because they’re used for nearly everything you do. The pressure you put on your knees each day is considerable, so an injury to this part of the body can have a profound impact on what you can do.

There are many ways that employers can help to protect the knees. Many of these should be fairly easy to implement in the workplace.

Become ergonomic friendly

One of the easiest ways to help employees remain safe is to make the workplace friendly for the knees. This means trying to avoid making workers kneel a lot. Lifting the work surface can accomplish this but it’s not possible for some jobs. If an employee has to kneel to work, they need to have shock absorbing knee pads to help protect the knees.

Leave time for stretching

Stretching is important for all workers, especially those who have to kneel for work. Getting up to move the knees periodically during each shift enables the worker to keep the joint lubricated. Employers should also teach employees to stretch before each shift to help keep the knees in proper condition.

People who suffer a workplace injury should know that workers’ compensation coverage applies to these cases. It’s imperative that you ensure you’re getting the benefits that you should. This might mean that you need to appeal a decision that’s made about the benefits you’ll receive. Working with someone who’s familiar with these matters so you can learn your options and get you the benefits you deserve.

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