Construction workers must watch out for these 3 common incidents

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There are so many unique factors at a construction site that no two projects will create the same kind of risk for the workers involved. Still, federal construction industry safety data shows that there are certain kinds of incidents that are more likely to occur and to result in catastrophic injury or even death for the workers involved.

Workers should always pay attention when working at construction sites and use the safety equipment provided by their employers. However, even the most safety-conscious workers can still get hurt on the job. Identifying the most pressing safety concerns at every construction site will help you stay safe on the job.

Workers also need to know when they have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim because they got hurt at work. Benefits can help pay them for lost wages and cover the costs of medical treatment.

Falls are a major risk

You don’t need to be working on the roof of a 10-story building for a fall to put you in danger. Fall offs of the roof of a one-story residential building could be enough to cause broken bones, brain injuries and spinal cord damage.

Falls are also a leading cause of death at construction sites. Ensuring that you have the right safety equipment is key to preventing falls.

Equipment and machinery can also be a source of risk

Electrocutions and burns are common issues for construction workers, as any of the tools that they work with and the electrical supply powering the project can potentially cause injury. Machinery that malfunctions, heavy equipment that backs up and strikes a worker and even tools that someone drops from above onto another worker could cause injury or death.

Trenches are another risk

Working below grade can be as dangerous as working at a significant elevation. When the weather is wet, the sides of the trench could collapse. Machinery could also cause a cave-in, and workers could end up struck by tools or materials dropped from above the trench.

Proper safety gear is important for the protection of construction workers, as is training. Knowing the risks and your right to workers’ compensation benefits when you get hurt can help protect you from the consequences of construction injuries.

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