Injury risks that agricultural workers might encounter

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Agriculture is one of the more prominent industries in the state of Minnesota. As well as offering vital products and services to people across the country, agricultural work is also a key source of employment.

Much of the work in farming involves physical labor, operating heavy machinery and encounters with large animals — all of which can be dangerous at times. Exploring the potential safety risks that farmworkers face could assist with preventing accidents in the future.

Tractor rollover accidents

At the top of the list of safety risks posed to farmworkers are tractor rollover accidents. No farm can fully function without a tractor, and this shows with how often they are utilized for various tasks. Tractors tend to be high off the ground, which means they have a higher center of gravity. If an operator runs into unstable ground, navigates a turn too quickly or the vehicle malfunctions, a rollover accident is a distinct possibility. Due to the sheer size and weight of tractors, this type of incident can result in catastrophic injuries.

Amputation injuries

Most farming operations rely on the use of heavy machinery. While such tools ensure that tasks are carried out efficiently, they can also be dangerous. If a piece of loose clothing becomes detached when a machine is in operation, the person operating it could be pulled in. Such accidents can result in crush injuries and severe wounds that might even require the amputation of a limb.

Agricultural work can be both tough and rewarding. but the dangerous aspects of the industry should not be overlooked. If you have been injured on the job, be sure to explore your legal options.

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