Hard hats are critical safety equipment at construction sites

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People who work on construction sites are likely accustomed to wearing a hard hat, but others might wonder why this piece of equipment is so important. One of the most important reasons is that it protects the head from items that might fall or be flung against it. 

The use of hard hats is covered under certain federal guidelines, including some in the Code of Federal Regulations. It’s imperative that all employers take steps to ensure that workers wear those hard hats as required. Failure to do so could mean that workers suffer serious injuries. 

Proper hard hat selection is essential

Not all hard hats are the same. There are several classifications you should know when you’re looking at hard hats. Choosing the proper one is the only way that a person can ensure that they can remain safe.  Here’s what to remember:

  • Type I and II are the two physical protections.
  • Type I provides top protection only.
  • Type II also includes side impact protection.
  • Class C doesn’t provide electrical protection, but they offer ventilation.
  • Class G hats can protect a person from up to 2,200 volts of electrical current, but only the head is protected.
  • Class E hard hats are similar but offer protection for up to 20,000 volts.

Anyone who suffers a head injury at work needs to ensure that they get medical care. Brain injuries might not always be readily noticeable, so getting medical care may help you to spot issues. Workers’ compensation should cover the cost of that medical care, as well as other damages related to the injury. Some workers may have to fight for the benefits they’re due, so working with someone familiar with these cases is often beneficial.

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