Construction accidents: Safety and protective equipment

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Construction accidents can happen at any time and any place. Whether construction is taking place at night on a highway or someone is working on minor construction to add on a wing to a building, there is always a possibility that something could wrong and that an accident could occur.

Workers who are injured on the job have a right to seek out compensation through their employers’ workers’ compensation insurance coverage. This coverage helps take care of medical bills, lost wages and other financial losses that could negatively impact the worker.

In construction, workers are at a high risk of injury

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, construction workers are at a high risk of injury because they’re in a high hazard industry. From injuries related to the vehicles used, like forklifts and cranes, to injuries from electrocution, falls or explosions, there are many times when people get hurt just doing their jobs.

What do employers have to do to keep their workers safe?

To keep workers safe, employers are required to follow OSHA guidelines. This includes providing training to all employees. Training may cover different topics such as:

  • Nail gun safety
  • Fall prevention
  • Crane and derrick safety
  • Trench safety
  • The OSH Act
  • Highway work zone safety
  • Backover safety

It is also important for employers to require the use of personal protective equipment. Employers are required to assess the workplace and necessitate the use of specific PPE depending on the hazards that are present. For example, if there is a high risk of impact from flying objects, then appropriate eye and face PPE needs to be used. That PPE is also required to fit the employees well. So, for example, if the employer provides 10 pieces of PPE to the employees but one employee is female and can’t wear it, the employer would need to purchase specific PPE to fit that employee in cases where the employees don’t provide their own equipment.

Wearing PPE and following safety training to the letter helps prevent construction accidents. That doesn’t mean they won’t ever happen, though. If you’re involved in a construction accident, remember that you can make a claim, so you can get compensated and focus on your recovery.

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