Can COPD affect your work?

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COPD or chronic obstruction pulmonary disease is a condition that causes severe difficulty breathing. It is an inflammation of the lungs that you may develop in several different industries. These industries include mining, agriculture, grain workers and more. After a diagnosis, you must make a lot of changes. You need to be able to manage your COPD to the best of your ability and with your doctor’s help. The question that many employees have, however, is whether it will affect their work life and ability to work. 

Very Well Health explains that in a lot of cases, those with COPD may quit work altogether. It is heavily dependent on the type of the work that you do. If your work requires heavy labor, you may want to think about long-term disability. However, in some instances, you may be able to continue working productively. 

There are adjustments that you may have to make to your work environment. This includes parking closer to the building, moving your workstation closer to the door and keeping your office clean and dust free. 

Some employees cannot work every day of the week. They do not have the energy or ability to work 40 hours a week. You may want to consider working from home for a couple of days in the week. Likewise, you may need to talk to your employer about having the flexibility to come to work late or to leave for doctor’s appointments. 

You need to take your personal health seriously. If you exacerbate your COPD, you could end up in the hospital or must miss more days than normal. This means that you now your limits, do not spend time around those who are sick and never forget to get your vaccines. 

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