What are the penalties for worker’s compensation late checks?

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One of the benefits that may be available to you under the worker’s compensation law is benefits for late checks. Generally, worker’s compensation pays you three types of benefits. The first is wage loss benefits, which are either temporary total disability or temporary partial disability. Then there is medical benefits and permanent partial disability benefits. According to HG.org, the temporary total disability, temporary partial disability and permanent partial disability are usually paid as weekly checks. Sometimes permanent partial disability benefits are paid as a lump sum. You may also receive checks if you end up settling your case at some point or if you go to court and a judge issues payment of certain benefits. 

The question that comes up a lot is when does the insurance company have to pay these benefits? Many times, the insurance company agrees to pay the temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, or permanent partial disability benefits voluntarily. That means you do not have to go to court to get them started. If they are paying these benefits to you voluntarily, then they need to be paying them on a weekly basis in most situations. 

When the checks are being paid, they should pay you for one week at a time. What are the checks like? Basically, it depends on where the checks are being sent. Insurance companies generally are going to be putting the checks in the mail, although there are direct deposit if both you and the insurance company agree to it. 

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