Adjusting to a new job and the risk of sustaining an injury

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You must confront a number of stressors when you start a new job in Minnesota, whether you have a hard time dealing with new co-workers, you struggle to adjust to your new schedule or you are unable to perform certain job duties because of a lack of familiarity. Even if you have experience, working in a new place can seem complicated and stressful because the employer wants things done in a certain way and you are unfamiliar with your new environment. At Meshbesher Law Firm, we understand how easily these factors can lead to an accident on the job. 

Those who have recently started working for a company may be more likely to cause an accident or become involved in an accident that is not their fault. For example, you may have a harder time detecting certain hazards, or you may feel fatigued due to working irregular hours or losing sleep as a result of stress. Regrettably, some employers do not provide proper training, and some fail to inform new workers of various risk factors that they should receive warnings about. 

If you sustained an injury while working, you should consider all of your legal options, whether a company has employed you for many years or you just started. Either way, you deserve any of the benefits that may be available to you, such as financial assistance provided by workers’ compensation. In some cases, filing a third-party lawsuit may even be the right move if someone else’s reckless action directly caused the accident. Workers’ comp has helped many injured workers through these challenges. Please visit our webpage for more information on this topic. 

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