What employees should do when injured and unable to work

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There is often a mountain of concerns to work through when a Minnesota employee sustains an on-the-job injury. Even if workers compensation covers the incident, there is still the matter of getting the employee back to work.

Fox Business offers insights for injured employees and their employers to keep in mind. Together, workers and employers can keep the business ship running smoothly after windy seas.

Keep the employer in the loop

After filing all necessary workers compensation paperwork and following all procedures, injured employees should keep their employers in the loop regarding the extent of the injury and when/if the employee can return to work. This lets employers know what kind of arrangements to make in regards to keeping the business running and ensuring the employee has a job to come back to.

Touch bases with HR

Injured employees may have to use vacation or sick days while waiting for the insurance company to make a decision regarding how/how much to pay for missed wages while an employee recovers. Talking with an HR representative lets the employee know what to do and what to expect. Additionally, HR can help the employer understand how to reintegrate the employee once she or he makes a recovery, notes Inc.

Ask about accommodations

Some workplace injuries leave employees able to work, just not in their former capacity. Accommodations such as different work hours, reduced responsibilities or special equipment can help employees maintain an income while still drawing benefits.

Employers and employees alike can learn from workplace injuries covered by workers compensation. Employees know how to be more careful on the clock, and employers are aware of workplace hazards that require action.

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